Understanding California Tenant Law

California Tenant Law BookTenant law governs the rental of residential and commercial property. It is primarily composed of common and statutory law.

In California,the relationship between a tenant and landlord is founded in property law as well as contract.

There is a property interest by the tenant on the land for a certain period of time.

Responsibilities of a tenant in accordance with tenant law

Tenants in California should comply with the law’s provisions and in case of violations as a result of gross negligence, abuse and willful acts the tenant is responsible. The tenant is obliged to respond to owners on notices that are legally required.

Tenants have the responsibility of allowing the owner, his or her agent or employee into the premises for purposes of improvements or repairs required by statutory bodies. Should you find yourself in a dispute, you should seek a Los Angeles tenant lawyer for a free consultation.

Responsibilities of the Landlord

It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that buildings are clean, well maintained and safe. Security measures should be maintained like good lighting, water and heat. The property should be registered and be in compliance with all of the statutory regulations and standards.

Cases when a landlord can get into a tenant’s premises

In case of an emergency. This may include a fire, theft among others.

After giving appropriate notice in due time if it is because of provision of agreed upon services or repairs or a needed repair.

Steps to Follow when a Tenant Requires Repairs

According to tenant law…

Contact the relevant authorities regarding the repair such as the building superintendent, managing agent or owner.

In case there is no form of response a letter should be written describing the issues in the apartment and request for repairs to be made by a specific date. A copy should be kept and the letter should be sent to the owner and the management company.

If there is no further response, the owner should be contacted in person or via phone and let them know that if the completion of the repairs is not done a complaint will be filled. A record of all the attempts to try getting the landlord to make the repairs should be kept.

Regulations on security deposits

The tenant is entitled to get back the security deposits with interest. However the landlord should check for damages in the premises where if there are any damages the cost of the repair should be deducted from the security deposit.