Personal Injury Lawyer Statistics

The need for personal injury attorneys is expected to increase within the coming few years. This could be attributed to the increased US aging population. Market research reports for personal injury attorneys clearly reveal the industry trends and industry statistics. This has enabled people to identify the type of products as well as clients that are driving profitability and revenue growth. The following are notable statistics that are related to a personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Attorney

Car Accidents

The National Traffic and Safety Administration reveal that approximately 6 million car accidents occur annually in the US. This statistics averages approximately one car collision in every ten seconds. These car collisions result to approximately 3 million personal injuries annually two-thirds of them being permanent injuries and approximately 40,000 deaths.

Truck Accidents

Approximately 125,000 truck collisions occur every year in the US. These statistics have been provided by the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration. These truck collisions result in approximately 60,000 personal injuries and about 5,000 deaths. These statistics clearly show that there is a great demand for personal injuries lawyers in the US today and with the current accident trend; the demand is expected to shoot even higher.

Medical Malpractice

The US institute of medicine has revealed that medical errors translate to approximately 10,000 deaths annually. An article published in a medicine journal back in 2006 showed that approximately 97% of the claims are as a result of medical injuries. Additional data show that errors during the process of prescription and the administration of medication account for over 1.5 million cases of personal injuries yearly.

It is worrying to note that about 400, 000 of these personal injuries take place in hospitals, over 800,000 occurring in care settings, and over 500,000 injuries occurring in patients receiving outpatient Medicare.

Other vehicle accidents statistics include the following:

-motorcycle accidents, whereby about 50,000 serious motorcycle accidents take place annually translating to around 2,300 deaths according to the Transportation Bureau Statistics.

-Train accidents, whereby approximately 2,500 train accidents occur each year leading to about 820 train deaths annually according to the Federal Railroad Administration.

-Boating accidents, whereby about 3,000 boating accidents occur annually this translates to around 651 deaths yearly according to the US coast guard.

-And ATV accidents whereby in 2011 alone, ATV accidents resulted in approximately 107,500 personal injuries and 327 death, according to the US Consumer Product and Safety Commission.

Report to a personal injury attorney

People who have gone through personal injuries are advised to seek assistance from talented personal injury attorneys. These lawyers can play an important role in ensuring that the suffering and pain experienced in the event of personal injuries doesn’t go uncompensated. People should locate lawyers in their area and start the process of personal injury recovery on damages.


Usually, personal injury claims tend to be filed for accidents including workplace accidents, road traffic accidents, home accidents, assaults, medical malpractice and defective products accidents. The need for injury lawyers continues to exist no matter the economic climate and the industry recession. In the coming few years, medical malpractices suits are likely to become more common as a result of the aging US population.